I found Roselin through instagram, she's so sweet and nice, i think she's the only person i'll let touch my lashes ! she was so nice to send me a video on how to clean my lashes because it was my first time ! she's so gentle with my lashes i love it !!

Jeanine C.

I went and seen Roselin from Sapphire Beauty Studio and she was super amazing! I have had eyelash extensions done before by other lash techs and they never lasted! Roselin did an amazing job and she made me feel super comfortable! She explained the process as she was going and the appointment was just amazing! I can't wait to go back for my fill!

Geanie B.

I absolutely love coming to Roselin for my lashes, she does such an amazing job and they always turn out exactly how I want them I originally found her when she owned Paris salon in south Reno and continued with her journey to her own beauty studio! I am so happy to be able to watch her grow her business. She makes me feel so beautiful after my fresh set of lashes and makes the whole experience super comfortable. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to try lashes out for the first time.

Cynthia S.

Found Roselin last year from a special she was doing and I'm so glad I did! She is such a professional, my lashes have never looked better. It's so convenient to wake up almost ready. Roselin's studio is so cozy and always look forward to my appointments. So lucky to have her in Reno!

Yajaira V.

Roselin is the sweetest, very professional and knows what she is doing. She listens to what your goals are and takes the time to make it happen. Her studio is adorable and conveniently located. I highly recommend her and am very thankful to have her!

Katy L.

Roselin is really patience every time. She takes her time when she does my lashes. Never feel rushed. And her retention is amazing, I can easily go over 3 weeks.

Ruolan W.

What a great lash salon! Comfortable, soothing environment that puts you right at ease. Roselin is a phenomenal lash tech who takes care and time to make you feel pampered. You leave looking like a superstar ready for the red carpet!

Stephanie C.

I get my eyelashes done by Roselin and she always does an amazing job! I would recommend her to anyone. if you're looking to get lashes this is the place.

Natalie E.